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грозный. 9 городов. [14 Dec 2011|09:25am]
я вот тоже решила пропиарить,
мало того, что я знаю замечательную оксаночку youok, которая один из авторов, но и сам проект кажется важным,
ну и несомненно талантливые фотографы!
Grozny: Nine Cities, joint project by Olga Kravets, Maria Morina, and Oksana Yushko, exploring specific aspects of Grozny’s aftermath through considering them as “cities” hidden within Grozny.


First city is the city that has ceased to exist – memory of Soviet multicultural Grozny that was bombed and burned down.

Second city is the city of war, the cause of all the changes. The last, so-called counter-terrorism operation officially ended in 2009. But in 2010 twelve suicide bombers participated in five terrorist attacks across the republic. Violence has become a kind of background noise for locals.

Third city is the city of religion. Chechnya under Kadyrov is undergoing total Islamization. Huge mosques are being built, women are ordered to wear scarves, men - Muslim outfits on Friday. People have to be religious.

Forth city is the city of women. With the collapse of all the values after wars they have to find again their role in society. It is neither a role of a Western woman yet, nor a role of a traditional Muslim woman anymore.

Fifth city is the city of men. It is important for a Chechen man nowadays to demonstrate his status with a gun or his car. At the same time he has to be responsible not only for the immediate family, but for members of his clan, not to impose the threat of the blood feud onto any of the relatives.

Sixth city is the city of the nation’s servants, as they call themselves. Cult of personality is seeing its revival in today's Chechnya.

Seventh city is the city of oil production. Rosneft, the powerful pro-Kremlin monopoly that owns all the oil drills, enforced the end of second war in Chechnya to get hold of its resources. At the same time, oil reservoirs burning during the first Chechen war caused many health problems for Grozny inhabitants.

Eighth city is the city of strangers in mono-ethnic society, e.g. ethnic Russians and Turkish construction workers building skyscrapers.

Ninth city is the city of ordinary people and their passion for normalcy after 15 years of war.

Chechen society was badly damaged by the war and it is trying to reformulate its values. Our project is exploring the whole concept of the shift of what is normal in the society in transition nowadays.

We’ve been working on the project since October 2009.

We had all been working photographers for several years before when we met during the online seminars run by Objective Reality Foundation for emerging photographers in Russia and after them we decided to make a project together, which also eventually led to the foundation of the first Russian photo collective, Verso and we made joint projects on social transitions our priority.

We come from different backgrounds, Olga was a journalist before, Oksana has higher education in computer science and mathematics, and Maria used to manage development of web project but we all came to photography because of our passion for visual storytelling and we get our inspiration from the ability to tell story of one people to another and make a small, but an impact with it.

In most of the cases we go to Grozny together and if there are major events or we go to shoot something which we know will become an important part of the multimedia, we go together and share responsibilites to get better pictures, sounds and videos. We work on the intimate stories one by one. Also, being a team of three really helps in postproduction, as we accumulate all our previous experiences in different fields for one project.

Project result will be an installation consisted of 10 minutes multimedia and selection of 25 pictures, and finally a classic book. The installation and the book dummy will be ready by November 2011.

фотографии пришлось брать на фейсбуке, потому что фликр почему то не дает теперь ссылок :(


проект можно поддержать материально:
вот здесь информация как
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[03 Oct 2011|02:09pm]
решила запостить кое-какие недавние картинки, которые все же получается делать,
даже, возможно, больше, чем было, например, пол-года назад
блокнот заканчивается :)

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[01 Feb 2011|06:17pm]
ну и как-то так еще

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[01 Feb 2011|06:14pm]
зима в городе

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[07 Nov 2010|09:49pm]
вот такая вот картинка с впечатлившей меня фотографии из журнала el_gerund
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[27 Oct 2010|02:48pm]
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[19 Oct 2010|05:10pm]
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mobilography [17 Oct 2010|07:00pm]

иерусалимский сленг
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mobilography [17 Oct 2010|06:58pm]

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[20 Apr 2010|02:58pm]

йом ацмаут ура :)
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[04 Apr 2010|02:57pm]
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[04 Apr 2010|02:56pm]
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[04 Apr 2010|02:56pm]
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[04 Apr 2010|02:56pm]
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[04 Apr 2010|02:52pm]
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[06 Feb 2010|10:14pm]
время, остановись, пожалуйста

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[24 Dec 2009|09:02pm]
[ mood | злободневное :) ]

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у нас новогодняя ярмарка! [08 Dec 2009|12:41pm]
лучше сонуши никто не напишет

Мои дорогие, 18 декабря в течение всего дня в студии будет проходить новогодняя ярмарка, на которой будут продаваться оригинальные hand-made by our kids украшения, рамочки, керамика, елочные игрушки, магниты, картины, календари и многое другое.

Эта ярмарка- отличный способ решить проблему новогодних подарков, зайти в студию, посмотреть ее, узнать больше о нашей работе. Мы будем ждать вас с чашечкой горячего чая с 10.00 до 24.00 по адресу: Дмитровский пер. 2/10, м. Театральная.

P.S. меня можно будет застать там с 17 до 23 часов.

P.S.S. тем же, кому сейчас не по себе, ибо они не знают до сих пор, что это за студия такая, заходить сюда.
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завтра [01 Nov 2009|12:13am]
приходите, там эрика сделала зеркало, и еще много всего крутого! цены начин. от 50 р., что приятно :)

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[25 Oct 2009|04:50pm]
да, купалась ночью. сносит с ног на глубине по колено. затем пробежать три круга диаметром 2 метра.
кайтеры. красиво, закат в дымке.
потом унесло.
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